Our story begins similarly to the genesis of other great products in that we simply couldn’t find belts that we loved, so we set out to make them ourselves. Our goal is and always will be to make belts that are beautiful, timeless, and of the finest quality and craftsmanship imaginable

We adopt a philosophy that focuses on design, high quality raw materials and craftsmanship.  With this in mind, our collections are not necessarily produced each season but at the pace each belt dictates in terms of quality and precision.

We craft each of belts from start to finish in our design studio in Greenville, SC. We perform each step including the cutting, edge dyeing, and finishing by hand because it creates a depth and uniqueness that cannot be achieved by mass production.  While there are times that we do use machines, we only do this if it can enhance the quality or beauty of the belt.

Our belts are crafted from the finest English bridle leather in the world, which is imported directly from England and is hand finished by master curriers.  The curriers employ techniques that have been used for centuries to create the best bridle leather in the world.