So why did we start this process in the first place?  The simple answer is we couldn't find a belt we loved.  We set out to make something timeless, beautiful, and of the best quality leather in the world.  Cutting corners wasn't an option. 

We grew tired of seeing belts as simply an afterthought.  A placeholder on a tiny rack in the back of a store collecting dust made us sad.  Why shouldn't a belt be displayed proudly like a handbag from France or Italy?  Why shouldn't a belt last for a lifetime?  Why shouldn't you take a selfie to show the world your new belt that for the first time left you breathless?





All of our belts are crafted and designed from start to finish in our design studio in Greenville, SC, which allows for an immense amount of flexibility in the creation process.  We perform each step including the cutting, edge dyeing, and finishing completely by hand because it creates a depth and uniqueness that cannot be achieved by mass productions or machines.  Our tools and techniques are the same ones that have been used for hundreds of years to craft some of the world's finest leather goods.  



After searching the globe for the finest leather in the world, we discovered a bridle leather that stood out so much in terms of quality and beauty that once we laid our hands on it, we knew immediately that our search was over.  Each hide comes directly from England and is hand finished by master curriers, who employ techniques that have been used for centuries to create the best bridle leather in the world.

We get asked why do you use bridle leather as opposed to calf or more exotic skins.  While each type of leather is beautiful in its own right, the answer is that in terms of beauty, durability and a minimalist approach that we take towards belts, there is simply no better type of leather to work with than English Bridle Leather.  Once you feel it you will hopefully feel the same way we do, and we know that you will never look at leather the same again.