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Each of our classic collection of belts are handcrafted one at a time in our studio in Greenville, SC. All of the holes are adjustable on the backside of the belt and remain invisible, which creates for a streamlined look that doesn't change as you change the size of the belt.  

For our bespoke collection we use imported English Oak Bark Tanned Leather, which is exceptionally hardwearing and will last a lifetime.  The process of tanning using oak bark is how leather was tanned for centuries, but it fell out of favor due to the fact that it takes about 15 months to tan a single hide.  The quality of this leather is simply unmatched by any other leather you will ever handle due to the slow gentle tanning process. There is only one tannery in England that still produces leather in this fashion.  We personally dye each of the hides by hand in our studio to produce a wide range of color options. We can do many different widths of our classic brass buckle collection in an array of colors.

The process of ordering a belt from us is quite simple. Just send an email to us  at info@cssimko.com and we will contact you directly to figure out exactly what you need in terms of width, color and sizing of the belt.  In your email, please give us a rough idea of what you are looking for in terms of width and color and size of belt, and we will  contact you. We can help with styling and any questions you may have. 

The turnaround time is usually 2-3 weeks.  Emailing us is not a commitment to purchasing the belt, so if you have questions, just ask.  Ready to wear belts are available through our different stockists.  This process of creating an heirloom piece is intended to be fun, simple, and most importantly low stress.  


We highly recommend measuring with a cloth/ vinyl tape measure or string especially for waist belts or if being worn with high waisted jeans

If no tape measure is available and being worn with denim or trousers then follow these guidelines

WOMEN add 6.5 inches to your denim sizing and choose closest size (i.e. 28 denim size would add 6.5 which is 33.5, so order size 34)

MEN add 3.5 inches to your pant size and choose closest size (i.e. a 34 pant size would be 37.5 which is closest to size 38)

Each belt is adjustable by 2 inches in each direction from the center adjustable hole.

Widths Available / Pricing

7/8 inch: $150

1 inch: $150

1.25 inch: $165

1.75 inch $195


Colors Available:

Black / Natural Leather / Light Brown / Medium Brown /Dark Brown/ burgundy / Red /Navy / Green